Draft and Warmblood Bits

Find the perfect size bit for your Draft or Warmblood horse. DraftTack has one of the largest selections of bits sizes 5.5" to 7" especially for Warmblood and Draft horses. We are open to suggestions as to what everyone is looking for, please email us drafttack@gmail.com. We can get almost any style, but it just takes some time.

To measure for a bit, take a string (about a foot in length is good). (Having a partner to help makes this much easier!) Then take the string and place it through the horses mouth. Mark the string on each corner of the horses mouth on both sides with a marker. Now remove the string, measure between the marks and add a 1/2" to that measurement. (1/4" for each side of bit). This is the measurement for your horses mouth. Do keep in mind however, that large prominent low cheek bones, may require you to purchase a larger size.